A cornucopia of crap or a collection of cool? You be the judge.

New Run the Jewels. Excellent beats as always.

15:10   8-23-14

Cooking steaks using artificially-created lava. It’s obscenely extravagant cooking and I love it. 

19:30   8-4-14

Harry Potter done in the style of Scott Pilgrim

18:11   8-4-14

RAC never fails to please, usually with top-notch remixes. Can’t stop playing Cheap Sunglasses, one of their original mixes.

17:25   7-18-14


Sometimes I think that beauty contains a small amount of melancholy, and vice versa in some sort of emotional yin-yang. 

22:47   6-30-14

Finally finishing my essay.

Finally finishing my essay.

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21:26   6-24-14   731 notes

The best remixes play with the tension between the familiar and the unknown. This hits the sweet spot.

22:59   1-21-14

“He was, and by the time of his death was universally held to be, a great man; he may well be the last of the great men, as the concept of greatness retires into the historical shadows.”

The best obituary for Mandela yet. 

On Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

19:30   1-12-14

Top Gun parody by Archer? It’s all my favourites in one. 

19:30   1-10-14

Mighty Mouse never fails to get you up and wanting to dance. Big fan of this and “Feel Alright”. 

19:30   1-7-14